Mandolin and Bass Duel: Which one sounds better?

Jan 19 2014

The mandolin and bass are both stringed instruments. And these two produces both amazing sounds though different. The mandolin is like a small version of a guitar but this instrument belongs to the lute family. And the bass guitar look similar like that of an electric guitar. If both of these stringed instruments have a duel, can you tell which one sounds better? If you don’t know how these instruments sound, you can watch the video below and you might be able to tell the difference.

Two instruments played by different music players. The players should be an expert in playing these instruments. Though both instruments belong to the stringed instruments, they still produce a different sound. The mandolin actually produces much louder and higher sound than that of the bass. In other words, the sound produced by the mandolin seem to be superior than the sound produced by the bass guitar. If I am to judge between the two instruments, I can say that the mandolin is the winner. All out eye clinic is here. Open to investigate this site 兒童眼科. This is so fantastic clinic.

It is because the mandolin produces a more lively sound than the bass. But of course, the bass is also awesome as an instrument. Without the bass instrument, the rest of the instruments seem to be incomplete. It is very useful when a band wants to perform a song in front of their audience playing the bass guitar. Though it produces a low sound or note, if combined with other music instruments, the performance of the band or the players will be great.