Artist Biography

The Rancho Deluxe band was formed in the year of 2005 by Mark Adams which is described as one who is a songwriter, guitarist and also a vocalist. He has Jesse Jay Harris as his partner who is the lead guitarist. Harris is already on the music having a root to follow being the son of the musician Greg Harris. Greg Harris had his own musical joy and adventure as he had played together with famous performers. They have the old style of the rock and country style but has its own twist of the present energy.


It all started when they are still in college. They have the common reason to establish the band. Jesse Jay Harris is given a biography and he was described as a musician that also travels because of music. When he is not together with the band, he is performing with other musicians. He could be the support for them as he can do not just one thing only. He can play rock, jazz, country and other types of music. During his tour for music performances, he had seen some interesting things.

Even if the band has their own success but they also have the challenges and so they also have made a break but fans still could have access to the CDs that they had already released to enjoy the music of the band. The musicians could get together also for the future to make great music that surely would have its own fans to the music.