The Albums

The band has released three Albums and so we will see what are the title of the songs that are in them. In the first album that was released in the year 2006 labeled Rancho Deluxe, it has 11 number of songs. The titles are Fall From Grace, Rock Bottom, Follow Your Heart, On The Fence, Hometown Blues, Lonesome Home Security, Hey You,  Steppin’ Off The Line, Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You, I Bought A Bottle and Small Town Gossip.

The second album released is the Brand New Weekend in the year of 2008. It has the tracks of Natural Disaster, Taking You Out Tonight, Maryanne, Don Ritual, It Gets Too Rough, Brand New Weekend, Goodbye Santa Cruz, Villa Creek, Laptop Radio FM, Over the Moon, Strangers,  and The Riptide. The last album recorded was in the year of 2010 which is the True Freedom. It has tracks entitled Too late, Hard time, Maintenance Man,  Sleep When You’re 80, Valley of the Bears, Ghost Town,  Semi Cool Cube, and also Bone Rock Breakdown.

More of the third album is Pine Street Saloon, True Freedom, Mercy Me, Best of the Fray, Templeton Gap and Whiskey and Saturday Nights.  There are many people who can come to think why there are many bands that have been already established. There are those who can make it through and would be able to live using their income from music but many also had to have their own ways. They hold a day job to support themselves.